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Does the Entire Internet Need a Backup?

A company’s data — from the customer database and billing system to less obvious data like application code, custom scripts and social media activity — is critical. But what about the underlying Internet architecture that powers modern businesses?

Danny Hillis, co-founder of consulting firm Applied Minds, makes the case in Wired for a complete Internet backup. The article is part of Wired’s “How to Save the Net” series, in which technology luminaries offer solutions to the biggest challenges facing the Internet.

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How IT Managers Find Talent and Avoid Resume Liars

When it comes to applying for jobs, many people are guilty of embellishing their resumes, but a new survey shows that information technology job seekers are especially likely to fluff up their skills. IT hiring managers reported catching more instances of lying than the national average (63 percent versus 58 percent) in a study from CareerBuilder and Harris Poll.   

Hiring ideal IT candidates is no easy task. In addition to the technical chops required to keep systems up, running and safe, IT candidates need customer service capabilities to interact with the employees who use their systems. There’s more to IT service and infrastructure than hitting the “install” button in the app store and rebooting an employee’s hard drive. 

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Behind the Frame: Surviving a Children's TV Data Loss Disaster

When years worth of work can disappear in an instant, no precaution is too much.

It's a truism that professional animator, filmmaker and professor Eric Patrick knows well. His recent work includes Retro Cognition, an 18-minute film that took five years to complete. But a data disaster two decades ago on a nationally syndicated children's show almost derailed Patrick's professional career. That experience led to an overhauled data protection process — and a poignant lesson to share with his students. 

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Snackable Insights from 'Backup for Dummies'

Data loss is a costly condition, no matter the circumstances. And once a system crashes or a natural disaster strikes, it's often too late for companies that haven't protected data to recover. Yet many companies still lack a proper backup strategy.

That's why Acronis created "Backup for Dummies" to guide IT professionals through the ins and outs of data protection. Here are some highlights from the guide, written by Acronis fellow and longtime IT pro Joel Berman: 

Data Protection 101

As companies create more data — from their employees, customers, devices and machines — data protection requires a modern approach that is simple, safe and complete. 

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What to Look For Next Week at VMworld

Next week marks the start of VMworld 2014, what's sure to be a whirlwind look at the latest and greatest in cloud and virtualization software. IT pros in attendance can expect to learn where the virtualization leader is headed and its vision for virtually managed data centers, among other topics. Here are some wishlist news that the InfoWorld team hopes to see:

  1. Private cloud software and a package that combines public cloud and on-premises software
  2. Encourage mainstream adoption of SDN offerings
  3. Easy integration of virtualization for data storage
  4. Focus on mobile
  5. Secure data center information using the hypervisor

The Acronis team will be on hand all week. Be sure to stop by booth #1904 to talk all things data protection! 

Read more at InfoWorld

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Safeguarding Data During Virtual Migration

According to a recent SpiceWorks report, three-quarters of businesses surveyed already use virtual machines. But for those yet to make the leap, what are the virtualization issues to look out for? And as all IT pros know, the landscape is constantly shifting and new solutions come up all the time. As IT infrastructure becomes increasingly divided among physical, virtual and cloud solutions, how can IT managers ensure their systems are working optimally and data is protected across multiple platforms?

Here, Sam Roguine, director of product marketing at Acronis, talks about the common pitfalls of migration to a virtual environment and how to make sure company data stays safe throughout the journey:

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What to Consider for Hypervisor Backup: The Configuration and the Data

As more companies invest in virtual machines, IT pros are presented with the need to integrate these virtualization environments into the data protection plan. The trouble is that while the data is usually backed up, often the hypervisor configuration is forgotten.

“It’s not enough to only back up the virtual machine, just like it’s not enough to only back up files or databases on a physical server,” says Sam Roguine, Asia-Pacific engineering director at Acronis. “Every piece of data must be backed up, and the hypervisor is no exception.”

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Introducing 'Backup for Dummies': Download Your Free Copy Today

In our data-driven world, data is quickly becoming one of a company's most valuable assets. And with Big Data getting bigger and more complex every day, data protection is a bigger, more complex job than ever for IT — and the stakes are higher. 

According to research from IDC and Acronis, increased data volume and complexity are the two biggest data protection challenges for SMB IT departments. 

“Companies have protected their data ever since carbon copies were stored in bonded warehouses, but times have changed. The techniques for protecting information and recovering from disastrous data loss have also changed,” writes Joel Berman, Acronis fellow, in the newly released “Backup for Dummies.” 

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Data Protection Officer: A New Standard Title in IT?

If new EU data protection legislation becomes law as expected, companies that do business in Europe will soon need to recruit for a new senior-level IT job: Data Protection Officer.

The legislation, and the mandated new role, is the latest development in EU officials' increasing focus on data protection and privacy regulations. Any company that does business in Europe or that handles data for European consumers would need to comply or risk stiff, seven-figure fines.

The “data protection officer” (DPO) role would be largely independent, reporting directly to a company's senior management, according to Network World. Primary responsibilities would include: 

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Acronis Named Finalist for Dr. Dobb's 2014 Jolt Award

When we first brought Acronis True Image to market about a decade ago, our goal was simple: to help Windows users everywhere protect their data. Over the years, we’ve found one industry in particular that’s especially vulnerable to data loss is software development, a massive global industry for which data loss can quickly spell the end of a businesses. Thanks to our dedicated and global team committed to developing products that keep data safe, Acronis True Image has proven brilliantly suited to meet the demands of just about every industry thrown our way, including software developers.